Tips For A Fishing Kayak Necessities

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Tips For A Fishing Kayak NecessitiesThe sun is hanging high in the sky. You can feel your heart pounding.You’re ready to hit the water with your kayak and you can barely contain your excitement.Before … read more

Jackson Kayaks some of The best!

Posted by Paddlerscove on 19th Dec 2015

The comparison of the Cuda 12, BIG RIG, and Coosa HD Fishing Kayaks. In this comparison, we look at the stability, features, and the role of the kayak, in conjunction with what settings usage wi … read more

Think Hobie

4th Oct 2015

Let the kayak do the work for you! Pedal and motorized kayaks utilize a motor or a pedal system for propulsion, instead of a paddle. Pedal kayaks are great for everyone and come adjustable to al … read more
Kayak Fishing safety lights  Be Prepared !

Kayak Fishing safety lights Be Prepared !

Posted by Paddlerscove on 2nd Feb 2015

Kayak fishing is one of the most exciting things you can do on the water! During the day, when the temperature is high and the sun is beating bright on the water, fish tend to stay deep down in … read more