Straps, Car Racks & Storage

Whether it be strapping your kayak to your car, storing it in your home, or keeping it held tight to the bed of your truck, we have the gear to help you do it.

  • Hobie Loader Outback

      The Hobie 'loader' is a clip on assembly that sits on the back end of your kayak to assist with lifting and loading. Tilt the kayak back on the loader to prevent damage to your rudder system. It is a direct replacement for the loader...
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  • Kayak Block, 4 X 4.75 X 18

    Foam Block 18"

    The 18" Kayak Foam Block is a great product when a single replacement is required, or, for the "do it yourself" paddler that is creating their own set-up. Sold in singles. Note: Safe boat transport requires two blocks. Features: EVA foam block...
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  • Sit on top rack pads

    Sit on top rack pads

    Sit on top rack pads Sit on top rack pads that can easily go on almost any roof rack or trailer rack. The bottom of your kayak should slide easily across the pads and the padding will keep your kayak safe during transport. Now with our new Paddlerscove...
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  • 30" Rack Pads (set of 2)

    30" Rack Pads (set of 2)

    30" Rack Pads (set of 2) Racks pads are a simple, safe and effective way to transport watercraft when rooftop load bars are in-place. The Malone 30" standard rack pads are designed for standup paddle boards. Sold in sets of two and provided...
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