Kayaking Tips Facts

History of Kayaking

Kayak enthusiasts have the special pleasure of knowing the boats they love represent a certain pinnacle of watercraft technology--the basic design not having changed very much across millennia. Any kayaker should give a little bow toward the north in respect to the indigenous craftsmen who so ingeniously invented this supremely elegant vessel.Read more


Basic Kayak Paddling: The Power and Sweep Strokes

Using a kayak paddle effectively--even for seemingly simple techniques--takes practice. Putting in the hours on calm flatwater (a pond or small lake, for example) gives you the confidence and ability to tackle more challenging environments, ultimately even boiling rapids or rough seas.Read More



If you're an angler, a kayak can utterly transform your hobby. "Yak fishing," as it's sometimes affectionately called, is a growing sport unto itself, and the magic of it isn't hard to grasp: Combining the meditative, escapist virtues of kayaking and fishing into one package makes for a deeply rejuvenating activity. Because of their small size, slim shape, and quiet play, kayaks lend themselves to stalking fish in out-of-the-way waters. The angler, meanwhile, gets a bit of a workout and casts without the noise and fumes of an outboard motor. Read More

Recreational Kayaking: Difference Between Sit-on-Top & Sit-in Kayaks

One of the fundamental choices to make when shopping for a recreational kayak is between a sit-on-top or a sit-inside model. Other important decisions, such as about material and size, naturally flow from this basic selection.Read More

 Which Kayak is right for me

The dimensions of a kayak make a big difference when it comes to its handling out on the water, so size should definitely be one of the factors you weigh when selecting a boat. Read More

  Choosing the Best Kayak Paddle for Your Needs

A kayak without a paddle is really no kayak at all--just a piece of driftwood or flotsam. It's amazing how such a simple-looking tool gives you such elegance and control on the water. Learn how to assess the design of a paddle--and thereby choose one best suited to your needs and goals--with the following primer.Read More

 Think Safety

Your number-one priority as a kayaker has to be safety. Well-made kayaks are exceedingly reliable and secure watercraft in the hands of an experienced paddler, but naturally you always want to be prepared for contingencies when out adventuring in the elements. Let's review a list of basic safety equipment that should be with you on any paddling outing.Read More


Cold Water Tips

On a hot summer's day or on a paddling trip along a tropical seacoast, it's a joy to be splashed with the occasional wave or to dangle your feet overboard in the cooling depths. On a balmy afternoon, you may find yourself spending as much time swimming as kayaking.Read More 


 How To Improve Your Kayak Seat

When you're first shopping for a kayak, the seat isn't necessarily the feature that most grabs your attention--or your interest. But any kayaker who's ever labored with a poorly designed or poorly fitted one on a long trip knows the importance of being able to sit comfortably for extended periods while paddling.Read More 


Anchor Trolleys

Whether you're taking a breather on a sea-kayaking journey or looking to stake out your favorite fishing hole, a kayak anchor can make your life loads easier.  Read More


Best of the Best
So, which of these recently debuted models is the best fishing kayak? Well, there's really no clear, head-of-the-pack winner; each and every one of these boats claims its own special virtues. It's hard not to acknowledge the Predator series as representing a new apex in fishing-kayak design and functionality, particularly when you're evaluating the Predator XL. Read more


Aren't all kayaks recreational?

Well, yeah, technically. But the broad recreational category includes kayaks that serve the broadest amount of needs. Other kayaks are specifically designed for fishing or with alternative seating arrangements where you can paddle with a fellow passenger or sit on top of, rather than inside the craft. read more