Electronics and Mounts

The fish are everywhere, you just have to find them. These electronics, fish finders, and mounts are ready to help you with that task. Fish Finders are incredibly useful electronic devices that use a wide variety of systems, such as sonar, to track and find fish under the water. They come in many different varieties, ranging from the simple sonar style all the way to the style that has both sonar and GPS integrated into the system. Kayak fisherman will find these systems incredibly useful for getting the big catch! Fish Finders also need mounts and they come in a variety of kinds. Other electronics include battery packs, and transducer kits. Kayak fishing yakes a step to the next level with these accessories.

  • TracPac Fully loaded

    TracPac Fully loaded

    This kit includes everything that comes with the standard TracPak Combo Kit with the addition of the Quick Release Handle and three interior storage trays. Secure, quick access, and versatility were the foundational requirements when designing the...
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  • Yak Attack Throttle Mount

    Yak Attack Throttle Mount

    Featuring the LockNLoad™ mounting system this throttle mount is a great solution for attaching your Torqeedo throttle to YakAttack GearTrac, MightyMount II, MightyMount XL or most other factory-installed kayak track. The LockNLoad base gives you...
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  • Thru Hull Panel Connector

    Thru Hull Panel Connector

    YakAttack has created an efficient and seamless connector for your YakAttack and Nocqua Lithium Batteries. The Through Hull Panel Connector allows you to run power connections through the hull of your kayak, cargo hatch, dry box, or battery box to...
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  • GridLoc Thru Hull Wire XL

    GridLoc Thru Hull Wire XL

    The YakAttack GridLoc Through Hull Wiring Kit is perfect for popular removable fish finder pods on kayaks as well as other applications where wires are needed to be ran through the hull of a kayak or boat. It is also compatible with the GridLoc Mounting...
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  • 20 AH Battery Power Kit

    20 AH Battery Power Kit

    Our 20Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Kit keeps you powered up and ready for any outdoor or marine adventure. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to connect your devices and includes universal pigtail leads, a durable, silicone-sealed case, and a...
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  • Hobie G-Hold H Rail

    Hobie G-Hold H Rail

    The Hobie H-Rail G-Hold Mount has a quick release strap with two securing points to make securing your nets, paddles, and other gear easy as can be. The G-Hold can secure anything with up to a 2-inch diameter and attaches to a 12-sided H-Rail quickly and...
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  • RailBlaza Hexx Live pole 30

    RailBlaza Hexx Live pole 30

    The RAILBLAZA Hexx Live Pole is an incredible tool for anglers looking to get the most out of their fishfinder. The HEXX Live Pole 30 and HEXX Live Pole 60 models make it easy to incorporate live sonar transducers, providing you with an up-to-the-minute...
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  • Berley Pro FPV Battery Mount

    Berley Pro FPV Battery Mount

    Looking to mount your FPV lithium battery on your Hobie Pro Angler or new outback or much more?! We have the solution to attach it to the sail mast of your fishing kayak. This also suits any mast from 22 to 28mm.
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    RAM DUAL T-SLOT/H-RAIL This NEW part directly replaces a previous product, the H-Rail Mighty Mount. The H-Rail RAM Dual T-Slot has a horizontal track slot AND a vertical track slot, built into one compact package! This will be one of the most popular...
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  • Oldtown Pedal (Pdl) Prop Kit

    Oldtown Pedal (Pdl) Prop Kit

    Replacement PDL (Pedal) Prop, compatible with all Old Town and Ocean Kayak PDL drives. Swapping your prop on the go or before a long day on the water has never been easier. Kit Includes: 1 pc - PDL (Pedal) Prop 1 pc - Stainless Steel Prop Pin 1 pc -...
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