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Kayak Dry Bags & Dry Boxes

Everyone carries important valuables like car keys, house keys, cellphones, mp3 players, money, credit cards, even jewellery. Dry bags and dry boxes are made to protect your valuables from the water. These pouches and cases are capable of being submerged completely underwater while leaving your valuables dry. They are sized for any occasion. Bringing along some drinks and a bagged lunch, use the Dry Pak Roll Top Dry Storage Bag for the larger items. If all you are bringing is your phone, car keys, and a few dollars then an Aquapac Electronic Case is perfect for you.

  • Dry Cases

    Aquapac Medium Electronic Case

    Aquapac 658 Dry CaseThis handy case is great for kayaking or water enthusiasts who are on the go. From recreational kayakers to white water kayakers , this medium aquapac is a must have. The 658 case will keeps your important items safe and dry. •...

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  • dry bags

    Aquapac keymaster Dry Case

    Aquapac keymaster Dry caseKayakers from white to touring  will love using this Small case for protecting your electronic keys with remotes wherever you paddle. It will carry cash, credit cards, hotel room keys, and inhalers anything that will fit is...

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  • small elcetronic case 348

    Aquapac Small Electronic Case

    Aquapac Small Electronic CaseWe all know how importatant it is to stay organized when kayaking. These  handy waterproof case are easy to use. Perfect  fits your PDA or phone.• Snap closure• Lightweight, floatable design•...

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  • kayak accessories

    DP-48 Dry Pack

    4in.wide x 8in. long Clear TPU front, Blue TPU back, padded & lined. Adjustable Neck Lanyard, Anodized Aluminum Spring Hook For Beach, Pool, Boating, Surfing, Waterparks, Hiking, Snorkeling Holds Cell Phones, PDA,...

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  • Dry Pak Flip Phone Case

    Dry Pak Flip Phone Case

    DRY PAK Flip Phone Case, Folds up with flip phone inside! Frosted TPU outside, clear TPU inside Adjustable neck lanyard & anodized aluminum spring hook Yellow sealing clip for high visibility For beach, pool, boating, snorkeling and more  

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  • kayak accessories

    Dry Pak Radio Bag

    The DryPak Waterpoof Radio Bag has a clear front, is padded and lined. Measures 5" wide by 12" long, maximum circumference 9"; suitable for most VHF radios. Includes adjustable neck lanyard and anodized aluminum carabiner. ...

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  • Dry Pak Roll Top

    Dry Pak Roll Top Dry Storage Bag Medium

    DRY PAK Roll Top Dry Bags are versatile and durable, your gear will stay dry inside these round bottom dry bags, even in adverse conditions. Shut out water by rolling down the top a few times and snapping the side release buckles together. The yellow and...

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  • DryPak "Alligator" Wallet

    DryPak "Alligator" Wallet

    Take the Alligator Wallet snorkeling, swimming, or boating to hold and protect your I.D., cash, credit cards, keys, and more from water damage. This TPU wallet features a blue faux "alligator" embossed front and a clear back. It comes with an adjustable...

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  • kayak camera accessories

    DryPak Camera Bag

    Dry Pak Camera is completely waterproof Shoot pictures through the optically clear TPU case. Adjustable camera strap. Max circumference: 11 in. Camera and film sold separately.

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  • Cell phone dry bag

    E- Merse Waterproof Dry Bag

    E-Merse dry bag  This Dry Bag can be used for anything electronics,or your smartphone . The new Slide-lock seal adds additional safety when you out on the water the zip-style closure provide double the protection.This dry bag is designed to float...

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  • Orbix Storage bin Oval

    Orbix Storage bin Oval

    Wilderness Systems kayaks outfitted with oval Orbix hatches have the option of additional internal storage organization with drop-in bins. The oval bin includes a divider for the bottom portion to easily stow and sort smaller gear. Compatible...

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  • kayak dry bags

    Over Board Medium Multipurpose Case

    Case is 100% waterproof, guaranteed submersible to 6m / 19ft and will float when dropped in the water; making it an essential bit of kit for any beach-goer or water-sports lover. This waterproof travel pouch also protects valuables from sand, dirt &...

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