Life Jackets

There's really no more important kayaking tool than a fully functional life jacket, or personal flotation device (PFD). Shop for the most trusted designs right here at Paddlers Cove.

A well-fitted PFD keeps you safe out on the water. Some kayakers make the dangerous mistake of assuming that their strong swimming abilities negate the need for a life vest. In truth, everyone should wear one: Without exaggeration, they have proved the difference between life and death in innumerable occasions when paddlers capsize. Even if you're not a whitewater or sea kayaker, you need to be prepared if you take an unexpected dunk.

Choosing a PFD
At Paddlers Cove, you'll only find the best life vests for kayakers--no bulky, backless orange jackets here! Naturally, a paddler needs a different sort of PFD: one that allows for a free range of shoulder and arm movement, one that fits comfortably against a kayak seat, and one up for the challenge of the diverse types of waters our favored boats can ply. Kayak- or canoe-specific PFDs typically have less of their mass around the chest and shoulder region to accommodate paddling.