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A long day on the water can a physically taxing for any kayak fisherman. So no matter what, you want to make sure your kayak seat is as comfortable as possible. Kayak seats have a wide range of types and can support a wide range of weights as well. Generally, they are made with comfort in mind. Some of the best seats are the GTS Expedition Kayak seat, or the GTS Pro Seat.

  • Paddling Cushion with Nylon Fabric Paddling Cushion with Nylon Fabric

    Paddling Cushion with Nylon Fabric

    Paddling Gel Pad with Nylon Top Fabric This performance kayak gel cushion is lightweight, has a low profile and is waterproof. The SKWOOSH™ secret is its medically proven fluidized gel technology that relieves pressure on the "sitz" bones and...
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  • Kayak Cushion Kayak Cushion

    Kayak Cushion

    Kayak Pad An extremely lightweight, low profile, performance comfort pad for the paddler who just wants something X-TRA between him and his boat. The SKWOOSH™ Kayak pad uses fluidized gel to relieve pressure on the "sitz" bones and helps to...
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  • Adjustable H-Bar

    Hobie Adjustable H-Bar Outback

    Hobie Adjustable H-Bar Outback Built with the dodecagon extrusion, the adjustable H-Bar will integrate with all H-Rail accessories for easy customization. The H-Bar adds to your fishing experience whether you are standing or using it as a mounting...
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  • AirPro MAX Lumbar Support (8070078) AirPro MAX Lumbar Support

    AirPro MAX Lumbar Support

    AirPro MAX Lumbar Support The renowned comfort of the AirPro MAX is amplified with the addition of the Seating Support System. Inflatable by a twist valve that provides precise comfort and on-the-fly pressure adjustment, and can be compressed down for...
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  • Skwoosh Angler 2 fishing Seat
gel kayak seat pad

    Skwoosh Angler II Gel Fishing Seat

    Find your spot, anchor, or drift, the SKWOOSH™ ANGLER II Gel Fishing Seat keeps you comfortable for hours. The lightweight ANGLER II uses patented TekPad® technology to reduce numbness in your legs and rear, so you can fish all day. Loaded with...
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  • AirPro 3D Seat (8070030)

    AirPro 3D Seat

    AirPro 3D Seat (8070030) Designed specifically to enhance the Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K., the AirPro 3D seat provides an elevated perch position for the angler to paddle or cast from, delivering unsurpassed visibility, stability and comfort...
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