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Dry Suits, Apparel

  • AquaSkinz Large Lure Bag

    This lure bag is the one you want when you need to carry more. It has become the bag that no serious angler can be without. It will carry everything you need; whether it is long trek to an isolated location, a far off exotic trip or simply a...

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  • AquaSkinz Medium Lure Bag

    The single row bag is the one fishermen all along the coast are talking about. It has become a staple in their arsenal for carrying their most wanted items. Very comfortable, offers ample storage space and is much lighter than the large lure bag...

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  • AquaSkinz Pliers Holster

    Pliers not included. Retire the milk crates, storage bins and inferior storage bags. Carrying your supply of gear is no longer a dilemma because the answer is here! The Ultimate cargo bag is the one and only organizer bag you will need in your car,...

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  • AquaSkinz Small "Tall" Lure Bag

    The Tall small belt bag was designed due to over-whelming demand by our customers. Its success so far has shown it was truly needed. This bag will carry all those lures that are too big for the standard small belt bag. They work perfectly as a...

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  • AquaSkinz Small Lure Bag

    This bag is the one that you will not want to take off your belt! Made of our non-water absorbing rip stop material, this bag is small yet highly versatile. When less is more and traveling light is essential this is the bag you want. It will...

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  • Heavy Duty Clip

    Features include ridgid ABS plastic construction and a solid stainless steel gate to provide maximum security for your attachments without the added weight. Strong ABS plastic SWIVEL Clip. Stainless steel gate with security hook. Double...

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  • Large Belt Pouch

    The large pouch has a deep, expandable center pocket for putting in all your essentials. Whether you store terminal tackle, leader materials, back-up gear or choose to use it for a whole host of rubber baits this is an essential tool to have. ...

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  • Phantom Semi Dry Top

    When comfort, function and reliability are a top priority, you will call on the Phantom Semi-Dry Top! This jacket is fully breathable, windproof, waterproof, lightweight and rugged. The Phantom is at home whether you are boating, kayaking...

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  • Plastic Swivel Clips

     Attach them to your wadding belt and attach the clip to the D rings on the Large & Medium Lure Bag or Eel Bag & Pork Rind Holder to keep them secure and in place. Note: By using the clip system you will transfer weight of the lure...

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  • Small Belt Pouch

    A multi-faceted tool that will hold your leaders, loose bucktails, rubber baits and other terminal gear. There is more room in this pouch than you can imagine. This item will quickly become one of your favorites and will give you the edge when you need...

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  • Stainless Steel D Ring

    Made of stainless steel, this accessory is intended for use on a wading belt in a multitude of ways. This highly effective tool will allow you to free up your hands by putting the rod butt into it when an extra hand is needed. It can also...

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