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Do you like to explore the outdoors?

Try a kayak! Whether it's a leisurely lake paddle or swift river run,you'll see the world from a new perspective on your very first trip.

We Can help get you started.

About us:

   The PaddlersCove staff is friendly, knowledgeable, ready, and able to guide you to the right kayak for your preferences and needs. We glady take the time to talk with each guest who visits the store, discussing the kinds of water being explored to determine what type of boat will ensure the most comfort (beginnners especially). Customers are encouraged to get in the boats right on the showroom floor and feel their way to the best decisions.

   Our staff has made a commitment to give thoughtful service, treating everyone like family from beginner boaters to seasoned paddlers. We truly enjoy helping beginners create a foundation for a life-long hobby... or an activity to share with family and freinds to create fun and meaningful memories. Plus, the view of your nearest lake, river or reservoir is extraordinary from a kayak! We also enjoy helping more advanced paddlers experience greater adventures by supplying must-have kayak gear and welcoming special order requests.

   At PaddlersCove we keep our prices reasonable and competitive, because the value of a long-term customer is important to us. We hope to see the faces year after year coming in with new paddling stories to share! We love it!

   Many of our customers have already paid us the greatest compliment: their frequent referrals of friends and family. We feel this is the best testament to us, our store, and what we have to offer.  Please stop in--you won't be disappointed!

                              "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing-

                                    absolutely nothing-half so much worth doing as simply                      

                                  messing about in boats. Simply messing..."

                                               -"Rat" in The Wind inThe Willows By Kenneth Graham

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