Storing your Kayak

How to Store your Kayak

One of the first things people talk about when they're about to buy a kayak for the first time is where they are going to store it. With more and more people taking on kayaking as a hobby these days, many companies have been built to manufacture very easy to install racks, slings and stands. Below are some of the many ways you can store your kayak. If you would like any clarification on how to do so, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.







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Full-Tilt Kayak Condo

condo.jpg The Full-Tilt Kayak Condo is a particularly great way to store your kayak because it allows your kayak to rest on two very soft wide straps that adjusts uniquely based on the shape of your boat. This makes it so that there are no pressure points to dent or scratch your kayak like there are in some other methods of kayak storage. The Full-Tilt Kayak Condo ensures that your kayak will be in excellent condition for the next time you set off on a paddling adventure. The best part is that the rack is very simple to install and use!




Kayak Storage Hoist

hoist.jpg The Kayak Hoist is one of the more popular methods of storing kayaks. It works by using two ropes that support the bow and stern ends of the kayak. This rope system is also adjustable on either side so you can raise and lower the kayak. The hoist also features a safety release mechanism and it also conveniently comes with any mounting hardware necessary to install the system. The hoist works on all ceilings including furnished ones and open rafters and is a great way to store your kayak during off-season.




Hanging Kayak Wall Rack

ez.jpg The wall rack is a great way to store your kayaks, especially if you got a whole bunch of different ones. This rack can store up to three kayaks. It's simple and easy to use and saves tons of space. It fits very nicely in garages, decks or basements. The rack has a pair of webbing loops that hang from the ceiling or stud anchors and it securely hangs three kayaks sideways to minimize storage space.




Kayak Covers and Bags

The kayak cover/bag was developed for paddlers for an easier way to cover and protect your kayak during storage. The majority of these covers and bags are made of completely UV-resistant polyester with water-resistant coating so storing outside is not a problem. By using these bags to store your kayaks and boats, they will be protected from the sun and elements and your boat will last years longer than it normally would otherwise.