Kayak Accessories

A topnotch kayak's one thing, but you need more than just a boat to take advantage of it. At Paddlers Cove, you'll find--in addition to one of most impressive selections of 'yaks on the East Coast--a full lineup of kayaking accessories, from spray skirts and paddle leashes to car racks and instructional DVDs.

And just as with the kayaks in our warehouse, you can feel confident that the gear and equipment we sell here at Paddlers Cove is all top-of-the-line. Shoddy or second-rate just aren't in our vocabulary.

From Hobie kayak parts to Ocean Kayak accessories, outfit yourself for all of your on-the-water adventures via the expansive Paddlers Cove inventory!

Diverse Kayaking Accessories
There's an incredible variety of accessories for kayaks on the market these days. Just as the technology of the boats themselves has evolved with the expanding popularity of kayaking, so too has the associated equipment. Some of this reflects a simple updating of basic gear; other innovations have come as kayakers themselves recognize novel needs as they explore new waters--and discover new uses for their time-honored crafts.!

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