Fishing From a Kayak

As for any kayaker, the first thing to consider is what sort of boat best suits your needs and abilities. Sit-on-top kayaks are excellent for fishing: They're easy to hop on and off of, because of  their broad beam, greater stability, and recovery in the event of capsizing is quick and straightforward. If you're looking for a solid craft to transport you


to rich fishing flats so you can wade to your heart's content,or you may fish from your sit-on-top fishing kayak .

Sit-in kayaks, meanwhile, offer speedier, more maneuverable movement while casting and landing your fish and will keep you drier and warmer in colder waters. Entry, exit, and self-rescue are inherently more complicated, although easy to master with practice. You'll also be selecting between touring and recreational sit-in kayaks.

Select a fishing kayak based on the waters you'll wil  be fishing or hunting there is alot to consider. While toting multiple rods and gear has become far more doable with modern fishing kayaks

like the Predator xl, some anglers .

While you can rig just about any kayak for angling, these days a number of manufacturers (Hobie, Oldtown, Ocean Kayak, and others) produce specially engineered fishing kayaks fully ready to rig. These crafts--which include inflatable, twin-hulled, outrigger, motorized and other design variations for the sake of convenience and stability--typically sport such angler-friendly features as generous storage compartments, molded-in rod holders, and paddle holders for freeing up your hands.

Speaking of which, fishing kayaks equipped with pedals( Hobie) allow you to devote both hands to casting and landing while you power the Kayak with your feet.

Space and design constraints obviously don't allow the kayak angler to easily haul as much gear as his motorboat counterpart--really, that's part of the charm of kayak fishing, that lean minimalism--but you can still outfit yourself with plenty of handy fishing gear . There many kayak-fishing accessoriesthat you will find at Paddlers Cove include deck-mounted fish finders, anchors, and lure bags. Make sure you're also equipped with safety essentials such as Pfd and rod tethers just to mention a few.
Honing your basic paddling skills is as important as selecting the best lures or bait for successful kayak fishing trip. Learn to maneuver and stabilize your kayak inside and out so it becomes second nature; that makes juggling between paddle and fishing rod all the more seamless. enjoy a day of fishing.