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When most people hear the word kayak they think of a small boat with a cockpit perfect for one person. Well, that is a sit-inside kayak and is the most common kayak on the market. Since it is the most commonly thought of kayak, it is very popular for its form and functionality across the world. As time has progressed many esteemed companies such as Hobie and Old Town have created their own versions of the sit-inside kayak. These new versions have many innovations. Sit-inside kayaks can have a retractable drop skeg as well  as increased surface area for customizable attachments. One might ask, "how much can really be changed in a kayak?" Well, while there is a general similarity between all sit-inside kayaks, they are most definitely not all the same. Different companies have different styles, sizes, different innovations, different hull designs, and different attachments. For example, the Necky Rip 12 is substantially different from the Old Town Vapor 10. The main differences between the kayaks The Old Town Vapor has a larger cockpit and more defined keel less sporty.  Changes from one manufactuer to another is what gives the sit-inside kayak a diverse family of boats.