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Kayak Seats

Kayaking has many aspects to it, but one of the most important is being comfortable. If paddling along in a kayak while being completely uncomfortable doesn't make you think twice about going out on the water again, then something has to change. One of the best ways is to get a new seat. Some seats better support your back, while others are a lot more plush to make long times sitting more tolerable. Kayak seats come in all shapes, sizes, and styles so make sure to pick one that is best for you!

  • Kayak seat Accessorie

    GTS Water Bottle pack

    The GTS Water Bottle pack is an excellent hydration aid for the modern kayaker. This convenient, spacious, and easy to use bottle pack is a kayak accessory you literally can’t live without. As with all of our interchangeable GTS Packs, the GTS...

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  •  Harmony Standard Sit on top Seat

    Harmony Standard Sit on top Seat

    The Harmony Standard Sit-on-Top seat provides comfort and value, an unbeatable combination. This seat features a nylon-covered foam backrest and a nylon covered foam seat pad with a skid resistant bottom. The articulated design conforms to your body...

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  • Heel & Peg Pads

    Heel & Peg Pads

    Yak Pads Heel &peg pads are a must for any paddler. This gel filled none slip cushions installs in seconds will keep your feet comfortable.Its really like standing on air   while your out enjoying a afternoon on the water.   ...

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  • Hobie Plug in seat connector Kit

    Hobie seat Connector

    The Hobie Mirage Plug-In seats for 2010 come with new adjustable / expandable seat pegs for a tighter fit in the hull. The Hobie Seat Peg Kit form a tighter fit in the hull on older model Hobie Mirage Kayak seats. Kit contains two pegs, enough for one...

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  • Kayak pad

    Kayak pad

    X-TREMELY lightweight, low profile, performance comfort seat cushion for the performance paddler or for the recreational paddler who just wants a little something X-TRA between him and his boat.  The SKWOOSHX-TREME kayak seat gel cushion uses...

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  • ocean kayak comfort seat

    Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus kayak Seat

    Features/Benefits OCEAN KAYAK Comfort Plus Kayak Seat Back Make your sit on top kayak more comfortable with the Ocean Kayak® Comfort Plus Seatback.   - Extra foam padding for ultimate comfort - Durable, UV-resistant nylon pack cloth -...

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  • Paddling Cushion

    Paddling Cushion

    An extremely lightweight, low profile performance comfort cushion for the long distance and recreational kayaker and sea kayaker.  The SKWOOSHPaddling Cushion uses medically proven pressure relieving technology to make paddling more comfortable...

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  • Skwoosh Angler 2 fishing Seat
gel kayak seat pad

    Skwoosh Angler II Gel Fishing Seat

    Find your spot, anchor, or drift, the SKWOOSH™ ANGLER II Gel Fishing Seat keeps you comfortable for hours. The lightweight ANGLER II uses patented TekPad® technology to reduce numbness in your legs and rear, so you can fish all day. Loaded with...

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  • Hobie Inflatable seat pad

    Hobie Seat Pad Inflatable

    // Info Specs Features   Kayak seat Hobie seat pad Inflatable -Mirage Seat Pad- Inflatable I-Comfort   Added adjustable comfort! Replaces the standard foam seat pad for the Hobie Mirage. Adjust the cushion by...

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