Kayak Paddles

Naturally kayakers spend a lot of time studying the relative merits of various boats, but they can't go anywhere without high-quality paddles. The paddle gives your abs, shoulders, and arms a finned extension, translating your muscle-power into smooth, swift momentum on the water. Check out the Paddlers Cove collection right here!bb-20feathering-20copy-0.jpg

Whatever your body size and type, whatever sort of kayaking or canoeing you do, Paddlers Cove has the perfect paddle for you somewhere in our inventory. You'll find the full array here, divided into several categories: canoe, recreational, touring, stand-up paddles, and whitewater.

The paddle is your primary tool to get around. It is what gets you from point A to point B and will effect how long it takes to get there. There are many varieties of paddles with many different sub categories as well. Each paddle has a use with a certain type of boat.