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Kayak Rudders

  • FeelFree Smart Track Rudder with Toe Control

    FeelFree Smart Tack Rudder with Toe Control

    On those windy days, or in those rough waters, yu want more control over your tracking and movement. Using the FeelFree Smart Tack Rudder with Toe Control, you can not only control your tracking, but increase your paddling efficiency making your day...

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  • Old Town Predator 13 Rudder Kit

    Old Town Predator Rudder Kit

    The Predator Rudder Kit will fit the Predator 13 Kayak. Stop making those constant correction with you paddle or hands to stay in your bet fishing hole. This specially made rudder kit from Old Town will install quickly and fit properly. Make your day of...

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  • Wilderness Systems Rudder Kit

    XL Rudder Kit – Solo Kayaks wilderness

    The Wilderness Systems Rudder Kit helps you gain control and efficiency in wind or fast current. The rudder blade has a foil-shape for more efficiency and less drag in the water. The Wilderness Systems Rudder Kit is the factory rudder for Wilderness...

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