Paddling safety gear

One an never be too careful when out on the water. A typical day can turn into a life threatening one in a blink of an eye. We have some gear that will either help prevent those dangerous days on the water, or will help you get through them. This includes LED safety lights, floatation devices for paddles, bilge pumps,and many more tools to make your trip a little bit more safe.


    VISIPole II

    VISIPole II - In situations where a 360 degree white light is not necessary or required, the flag can be slid over the light, creating a soft glow that is less likely to attract bugs or spook fish, while maintaining some level of visibility to others...
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    DRY DOC DIGI XLX, CLEAR Digi XLX offers the splashproof protection many are needing, while offering the sizing that new Plus sized smart phones require. Fitting most smart phones including a protective case, and the added functionality of a convenient...
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  • 12'' x 18'' Flag Kit, Orange

    12'' x 18'' Flag Kit, Orange

    YakAttack 12'' x 18'' Flag Kit, Orange   Multipurpose orange flag is made in the USA from high quality UV stable nylon, will resist fading, and will hold up well to harsh marine environments. Double-sided fade resistant polyester construction...
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  • Windstorm Whistle

    Windstorm Whistle

    Be heard with one of the loudest whistles on the market! Adopted by the U.S. military, this whistle is perfect for kayaking, hunting, hiking or other situations where a compact, waterproof, and extremely loud signaling device is needed. One of...
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  • VISICarbon Pro™, MightyMount and GearTrac™

    YakAttack VISI Carbon Pro Light

    Designed to meet the needs of serious kayak anglers as well as recreational paddlers, the VISICarbon Pro™ sports unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, and portability with plenty of style. The ultra thin mast and instantly...
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  • SUP leash

    Seals SUP Safety Tether

    Don't get seperated from your Stand Up Paddle(SUP) board with a Seals SUP Safety Tether.  One of the best SUP tether/leash you can find! Dual combination of static and elastic webbing Unique adjustable length Comfortable ankle...
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  • Yak gear Outriggers Yak Gear Outriggers

    Yak-Gear Outriggers

    Feel safe and secure in the kayak due to the stabilizing effects of the YakGear Outriggers. Stability while paddling is a problem for paddlers of all skill levels. Whether you are sight casting in choppy water or paddling safely with the children,...
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  • VISIFlag™, GearTrac™ Ready

    VISIFlag™, GearTrac™ Ready

    VISIFlag™, GearTrac™ Ready (VFP-1001) The VISIFlag™ from YakAttack is a 52" tall flag pole offering enhanced daytime visibility. It fits in most tube-style rod holders. For day and night time visibility enhancement, check out the...
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  • Eco Flare Personal locater light

    Eco Flare Personal locater light

    This paddling Safety a vital part of any outdoor enthusiasts equipment bag, the Eco Flare can be set on constant, high-output, incandescent mode for use as an area/personal locator light, or on flashing, red Ultrabright LED mode for...
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  • Native Deck Mount Paddle Clip

    Kayak Paddle Holder Deck Mount

    Keep your paddle secure with this easy to install deck mount paddle holder Easy to install can safely secure your paddle with one hand. Can be used on most kayaks . A Secure rest for your paddle Paddle stays out of the way until you need it
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  • Sportsman Paddle Leash

    Sportsman Paddle Leash

    The Seattle Sports Kayak Paddle Leash keeps your kayak in your hands at all times. This little tool can save lives, especially in rough water or emergency situations. If you get knocked over by a big wave or rapids, your paddle will remian with the kayak...
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