Are you on the hunt for some good deals--and some good cheap kayaks for sale?

Well, excellent news: You've paddled your way over to the Bargain Cove! Here you'll find amazing steals of deals on an impressive variety of 'yaks in the Paddlers Cove inventory. If you're looking for a used kayak for sale or special seasonal discounts, this is the place for you.

Cheap Kayaks at Bargain Cove
Given the incredible world of adventure and recreation that a high-quality kayak opens up, the price tags on even the most expensive models really aren't unreasonable. These are pinnacles of craftsmanship and durable products; they're investments in years of fun, exploration, and the good health that comes from hours, days, and weeks spent on the water.

That said, everyone likes a good deal, right? And here at Paddlers Cove, we often find ourselves able to offer a particular kayak or kayak accessory at a specially reduced price. It's our Bargain Cove department where all our highest-value deals live, and where any savvy and pocketbook-conscious paddler does well to browse!

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  • Backbone Bow to Stern Frame

    Backbone Bow to Stern Frame

    Backbone Bow to Stern Frame  Color: Black AdvancedFrame BackBone The BackBone is a bow-to-stern frame for the AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak, which enhances both rigidity and performance. Compatible with Advanced Frame...
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  • Men's Short Sleeve Rash Guard Men's Short Sleeve Rash Guard

    Men's Short Sleeve Rash Guard

    SKU X110UN-01 Rash Guards STANDARD FEATURES: The Spandex/nylon LOOSE FIT rash guard is designed to fit loose, similar to a T-shirt. It provides excellent UV, rash and jellyfish protection. (UV rating varies by color of actual shirt. The darker the...
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  • Foldable Seat Cushion

    Riverside Foldable Seat Cushion

    Riverside Foldable Seat Cushion This versatile, all season cushion features compact comfort. A tri-fold design and light 2.4 ounce. Weight makes this cushion highly portable. Use it as a lumbar support or as an insulating pad for winter activities. With...
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  • TIZIP Gleitpaste 8g

    Gleitpaste 8g

    Gleitpaste 8g For all models with TIZIP zippersDo you find your waterproof TIZIP zipper to be a little stubborn? No problem! With this lubricant, you can make your zipper a lot easier to operate. DETAILS: + 1 tube of lubricant for TIZIP zippers
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    BODHI WATERSHOE Features The perfect watershoe for those who do not need the coverageand warmth of a traditional neoprene bootie. Great for recreationalpaddlers and SUPers enjoying warm days on the water. » Ergonomically shaped footbed for...
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  • Rectangular Hatch Storage Bin 4"

    Rectangular Hatch Storage Bin

    Organize your Orbix Hatch with a Wilderness Systems Rectangular Orbix Storage Bin. Don’t waste your time on the water by sifting through the clutter. This drop-in storage bin perfectly fits rectangular Orbix Hatches on your Wilderness Systems...
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  • Stohlquist EZ Drysuit

    Stohlquist EZ Drysuit

    The EZ features Stohlquist's new highly breathable 4-layer Twin Sensor fabric, and super softneoprene neck gasket to provide the ultimate in comfort for sailors, rafters, whitewater boatersand sea kayakers. • New 4-Layer Twin Sensor™...
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  • Stohlquist Rocker PFD - Red Stohlquist Rocker PFD - Mango

    Stohlquist Rocker PFD

    Stohlquist Rocker PFD Features The Rocker is the perfect low-profile vest for long days on the water.The comfort and performance of this vest have quickly made it one ofour most popular among whitewater boaters and SUP paddlers.Multiple pockets allow...
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  • Stohlquist Descent PFD Stohlquist Descent PFD

    Stohlquist Descent PFD

    DESCENT Type-V Strong Swimmer Safety Vest Features The ultimate rescue PFD. A comfortable, low-profile vest that incorporates allthe features necessary for running the biggest rapids, or roughest seas. » Ergonomically articulated...
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  • electric inflation pump

    Bravo BP12 Electric Inflation Pump

    Turn dial pressure selector Stops automatically when selected pressure is reached Custom carry bag Common valve adapters 102" (8'6") cable w/alligator clips to connect to 12 volt battery 72" (6') inflation hose Maximum Pressure: 14.5 PSI/1...
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  • Submersible headphone

    Aquapac Waterproof Headphones

    Aquapac waterproof headphones are supplied with 3 sizes of  earbud to fit different ear canal sizes. Designed to work with most electronic cases.  but will work just as well with any iPod, iPhone or other MP3 case with a standard 3.5mm...
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