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Kayak Car Racks

If you don't have a truck with a bed, or a trailer kayak transportation can be a trying experience. Don't fret though we ave a wide assortment of different car racks that make transportation a breeze. These car racks are strong sturdy, and built to endure the elements. They are also capable of holding almost any kayak.

  • Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender

    Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender

    Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender Groovy T-Bone Bed Extender extends your truck bed up to 48". This product can be used for kayaks, paddle-boards, ladders, plywood and much more. Features: Rugged anodized, 50” horizontal aluminum cross-bar Extends...

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  • Hobie Outback Cradle Set

    Hobie Outback Cradle Set

    OUTBACK CRADLE SET Item# 72020407 Secure cushioning for kayak transport Protect your hull and properly secure your 2018 and older Hobie Mirage Outback during transport with our custom Outback cradles. Tailor fit to the hull profile, each cradle is...

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  • Hull-a-Port


    The Thule 835XTR Hull-a-Port Rooftop Kayak Carrier is the right kayak carrying solution for paddlers whose concerns in a carrier are split between efficient use of space on their roof rack and ease of use...

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  • Hull-aPort PRO

    Hull-aPort PRO

    The Thule Hull-a-port Pro Folding Kayak Carrier holds your boat securely and then gets out of the way when you don't have a kayak on top of your car. Not only does this folding rack reduce wind resistance for better gas millage, it also decreases the...

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  • MALONE SpeedLine MALONE SpeedLine in use

    MALONE SpeedLine

    MALONE SpeedLine Tie-downs are a basic safety requirement for all long watersport transports. The SpeedLine is our newest and lowest price ratchet system which provides excellent stability for your canoe or kayak. Comes with everything needed to secure...

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  • Malone MPG1498 Malone MPG1498

    Malone T-Slot Integration Hardware Kit

    Malone T-Slot Integration Hardware Kit  MPG1498 T-slot Mounting Kit replaces the standard mounting kits that contain Jawz, T-knobs and M8 mounting bolts. The MPG1498 utilizes the T-slot in most aftermarket aluminum truck racks with top side T-slots...

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  • Malone Universal Cross Bar System Malone Universal Cross Bar System

    Malone Universal Cross Bar System

    SteelTop™ Roof Rack - Square Crossbars - Raised, Factory Side Rails - Steel - 50", 58" and 65" The affordable SteelTop™ roof rack lets you carry bikes, kayaks, ski carriers, roof boxes and most accessories on the roof of your vehicle...

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  • T-load Hitch Mount

    T-load Hitch Mount

    T-load Hitch Mount Need a solution to easily load and unload your kayaks or ladders onto your vehicle? We introduce to you the Rhino-Rack T-Load Hitch Mount. The single person use T-Load mounts to a 2 Hitch and features an anti-swivel plate designed to...

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  • Thule Surf Pads Thule Surf Pads

    Thule 24" Surf Pads - Aero

    Thule 24" Surf Pads - Aero  Features  The Thule 24 in. Surf Pads are 24 in. split bottom surf rack pads that fit Thule square bars, as well as most other square or round bars. The Thule 24 in. Surf Pads are made of high density foam...

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  • Thule Fairing Thule Fairing


    THULE 38" FAIRING 871XT Thule's 38" fairing improves your square bar system's aerodynamics and makes for a much quieter ride.  Thule Roof Rack Fairings work with both standard and aero systems. Integrated hardware for easy...

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  • Thule Aero 400XT

    Thule Aero 400XT

    Thule Aero 400XT Get the perfect fit with the strongest rack system. No tools are necessary for installation.The strongest, best fitting rack system provides the perfect fit for hard-to-fit aero roof vehicles. The Thule 400XT Aero Foot Pack is a set of...

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