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Angler Paddles

  • Magic Plus Angler Paddle Magic Plus Angler Paddle

    Magic Plus Angler Paddle

    Magic Plus Angler Paddle Designed for kayak anglers, the Carlisle Magic Angler is a lightweight, efficient and powerful paddle, with angler specific features. The asymmetrical, slightly curved blade shape, combined with a lightweight, flexible...

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  • Bending Branches Angler paddle

    Angler Classic Plus

    The Angler Classic gives you all the bells and whistles that our high-end fishing paddles do, at a price any kayak fisherman can afford. The rugged fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades are propelled by a durable fiberglass shaft, giving you the push you...

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  • Assassin Kayak Fishing Paddle

    Assassin Paddle

    The Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle is the full-size version of its legendary predecessor, the Assault Hand Paddle. Weighing right at 38 ounces and 42 ounces, respectively, paddle design and technology is again moving forward! The...

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  • Angler Ace

    Angler Ace

    The Angler Ace just got a redesign. It is a truly phenomenal paddle that successfully combines the performance expected in a kayak paddle with the ruggedness and versatility that kayak fishermen need. The new, oversized carbon-reinforced nylon...

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  • Oracle Angler

    Oracle Angler

    Ideal for a more aggressive stroke style, the high angle blade improves boat control and maximizes stroke efficiency. Our most powerful touring paddle has been transformed into a new high-performance kayak fishing paddle. Its blade design has less...

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  • Angler Pro Plus Glowtek Angler Pro Plus Raptor - Dark Green

    Angler Pro Plus

    The four-time Angler Paddle of the Year just got an upgrade. The new Angler Pro boasts all new patterns, designed by Bending Branches' ProStaff team. It's lighter than the previous generation of Angler Pro's, with larger blades for a more...

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  •  Angler pro Carbon  Angler pro Carbon Back

    Angler pro Carbon

    The Angler Pro Carbon was inspired by the new Angler Pro. The Angler Pro Carbon is available in an industry shifting weight. The 100% Carbon shaft and multi-laminate carbon blades provide a smooth, powerful stroke.  The Angler...

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  • Backwater Paddles Assault Hand Paddles Backwater Paddles Assault Hand Paddles

    Backwater Paddles Assault Hand Paddles

    The ASSAULT Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles allows you the opportunity to fish, photograph or hunt while moving your boat simultaneously! The unique design of the ASSAULT Fishing Hand Paddle allows an angler or hunter to keep control of the kayak with out...

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