Kayak-Repair & Maintenance

  • Gator Patch Gator Patch


    GATOR PATCH Repairs and protects Kayaks, Canoes, and Boats with Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Plastic surfaces. The preferred choice for a Kayak keel guard and skid plate. 
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  • TIZIP Gleitpaste 8g

    Gleitpaste 8g

    Gleitpaste 8g For all models with TIZIP zippersDo you find your waterproof TIZIP zipper to be a little stubborn? No problem! With this lubricant, you can make your zipper a lot easier to operate. DETAILS: + 1 tube of lubricant for TIZIP zippers
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  • Harmony Foot Brace Kit

    Harmony XL Foot Brace Kit

    Harmony XL Foot Brace Kit  Common on Confluence brand kayaks (Wilderness Systems, Perception and Dagger) circa 2014 to date. Extra large foot pads provide greater comfort. Adjustable to fit any legs using the trigger on the back of the foot peg. 20...
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  • YakAttack Scupper plugs

    YakAttack Scupper plugs

    This soft rubber scupper plug is designed to fit circular scuppers in your sit-on-top kayak. The conical shape and hollow design allow for the rubber construction to accommodate scupper holes ranging from 1.13” to 1.40” in diameter...
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  • Harmony Paddle drip rings

    Harmony Paddle Drip Rings

     harmony Paddle Drip Rings Keeps your kayak paddle shaft and your hands dry by diverting the water that drips from your blade. A two-piece takedown kayak paddle fits most paddle shafts
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  • Wilderness Systems Orbix Storage Bin Round

    Orbix Storage Bin– Round

    The Wilderness Systems Orbix Storage Bin fits in round Orbix hatches in Wilderness Systems boats made in 2015 and later. This storage bin drops inside the hatch to create an easy to access bucket. It can be used for small storage items or to keep tackle...
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  • Amazing Marine Goop

    Amazing Goop Marine Adhesive

    Amazing Marine Goop is a must have for any kayaker,  just as its name states Amazing! it will fix any thing from a small repair to something more detail this product will take care of your problem..If you paddle recreational or you are a kayak...
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  • Yak-Gear Zig Zag Cleat Kit

    Yak-Gear Zig Zag Cleat Kit

    YakGear Zig Zag Cleat Kit Description The YakGear Zig Zag Cleat Kit comes with a 2-1/4 inch or 3-1/2 inch nylon zig zag cleat for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. The zig zag cleat provides a stable access point to secure anchors, drift chutes, bow...
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  • Deck Mount Paddle Clip

    Yak-Gear Taco Paddle Clip Kit

    Yak-Gear Taco Paddle Clip Kit Description Add or replace paddle holders with the YakGear Taco Paddle Clip Kit. While there are many different ways to mount and store paddles on kayaks and canoes, the 6-inch long taco paddle clips provide the same...
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  • Yak Gear 10 Pieces of Tri Grip Rivets

    Yak Gear 10 Pieces of Tri Grip Rivets

    YakGear Tri-Grip Rivet Kit Description Explore a larger range of kayak rigging options with the YakGear Aluminum Tri-Grip Rivet Kit. Lack of inside access can sometimes limit paddlers rigging possibilities with the conventional usage of stainless steel...
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  •  Yak Gear Pad eyes 5 piece

    Yak-Gear 5 Piece Pad Eye Kit

      Add or replace pad eyes on any kayak or canoe with the YakGear Pad Eye Kit.  Also known as “deck loops”, pad eyes provide 1-1/2 inch across and 3/8 inch high attachment points for seats, leashes and other things you take on...
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  • Paddle Clip set

    Yak-Gear Molded Paddle Clip Kit

    The molded paddle clip kit from Yak Gear is designed to fit any standard one- or two-piece paddle. It comes with stainless steel screws, nuts and washers, as well as installation instructions and TWO clips.
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