Choosing a Sprayskirt

Choosing a Sprayskirt

A sprayskirt is essential to keeping your kayak dry. Sprayskirts are made to fit around your kayak's cockpit rim and includes a tunnel that will fit around your waist. Each sprayskirt is unique to the size of the tunnel as well as the size of the skirt. The design of the sprayskirt ensures a watertight seal. So whether you are paddling in rain or splashing through waves, a sprasykirt ensures that no water enters your kayak.

Choosing a sprayskirt is really pretty easy. Simply figure out what type of boat you have and measure its cockpit size. Match these dimensions to a skirt size and buy your matching weight size (S, M, L, etc). If you're having any trouble fitting a skirt to your boat or finding one that matches your kayak's size, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.









Recreational Sprayskirts
sealssneakskirt.jpg Recreational sprayskirts are for kayakers who go mostly on calm, flatwater. The sprayskirt is meant to keep out the occasional water splash and are all made of water-resistant nylon material. This makes the recreational sprayskirt cheaper but yet, it still provides good ventilation and protection for any recreational kayaker.
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Sea/Touring Sprayskirts
Sea/Touring kayakers enjoy a little more extreme paddling than recreational kayakers. The sea sprayskirts are perfect for these types of kayakers. Many of them are made of neoprene or waterproof Gore-Tex material. A lot of sea sprayskirts also include several additional features such as pockets for keeping things at easy access or hand warmers.
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Whitewater Sprayskirts
Whitewater skirts are made completely with 100% neoprene and include a shock cord which secures the skirt to the kayak's cockpit. Neoprene is completely waterproof and is one of the more durable materials in terms of nylon skirts. Whitewater kayaking is an extreme sport so these skirts are made to last through those big waves.
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Cockpit Covers
The cockpit cover is definitely a worthwhile kayak accessory. It is great to keep the interior of your kayak protected, dry and clean and also make sure no rodents or other pests go inside your kayak during storage. With no chance of any sand, rain, dust or animals getting inside your boat's cockpit, you can be assured that your kayak's interior and the contents within are safe.
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Some Extra Tips

Care: Make sure you keep your sprayskirt clean. You should rinse your skirt with clean water after every kayak trip, especially if you used it in any salt water or chlorine during a pool session. Salt and chlorine can eventually degrade neoprene (the water-resistant material used on sprayskirts). Also, make sure your sprayskirt is stored in a cool, dry, dark space because if it is stored under the sun, the UV rays can break down the rubber on the skirt.

Tightness: Ideally, sprayskirts will fit perfectly with the kayak you bought it for. Obviously, if the skirt is too loose, any wave may knock your skirt off your cockpit. However, make sure that its not too tight so that you can release it if you and your kayak are knocked upside down underwater. Before you use your sprayskirt, it may be a good idea to stretch it over the cockpit or leaving the skirt attached to the cockpit for a few days to loosen it up. Another way to loosen up a skirt is wetting it before you attach it on to your boat. Either way, make sure that your sprayskirt is tight on your kayak but not too tight.