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Think Hobie

4th Oct 2015

Let the kayak do the work for you! Pedal and motorized kayaks utilize a motor or a pedal system for propulsion, instead of a paddle. Pedal kayaks are great for everyone and come adjustable to all heights. Pedal systems do not use motors, but instead use the largest muscle group in your body, your legs, for propulsion. Perfect for gliding along the water, pedal kayaks can be used for recreation and sporting. Motorized kayaks utilize a small motor system as propulsion. This motor system gives the controller vast control over the speed and power of the kayak. Motors have many different upgradable parts as well, one can make the motor perfect for speed, or one can make it perfect for power. The main upside of pedal and motor kayaks is that they make movement easier and more efficient. Paddling puts strain on the upper body and some people aren't capable of paddling for extended periods of time. These systems are great for those people who want to make their ride easier on their body. Overall, pedal and motorized kayaks offer a lot of power and control for an affordable cost.