SuperNova Extreme Lighting Kit

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Product Overview

The SuperNova Extreme Lighting Kit is a versatile kit that will help light your way on all of your excursions. The strips are fully jacketed, and fully encased in silicone. The Extreme Kayak Kit includes 8 strips of lights for the front, rear and cabin of your kayak, which ensures ample visability of all structures at casting distance and the cabin lights give adequate worklight, and can be switched off and on as needed. This kit offers great visability and offers increased safety. You'll be able to see around the cabin, but everyone will be able to see you!  




What's Included:

  • 2- 20" LED Light Strips
  • 2- 10" LED Light Strips
  • 4-  4" LED Light Strips
  • 3M Adhesion Promoter
  • 2 Switches and Waterproofing Boots
  • 8 Pieces Heat Shrink
  • 4 Wire Management Pads
  • 10 Tie Wraps
  • 5amp Fuse
  • 6' Extra 22AWG Wire
  • 1 In-line Fuse Holder


(No reviews yet) Write a Review