Sit-on-top kayaks

 Sit-on-tops shine when it comes to fishing because they allow for the fisherman to stand and cast or stand and reel if they want. This freedom makes the sit-on24093146-cartoon-image-of-fishing-rod.jpg-top fishing kayak a staple for fishing, as well as making many models incredibly popular in the sporting world. The sit-on-top's range of freedom also makes the kayak feel a bit less constricting. Sit-on-top kayaks are durable and tend to have less problems functionally making them great for first time buyers. Overall, sit-on-top Fishing kayaks are perfect for fishing and will make anyone happy with their supreme freedom andfunctionality.


  • Pescador Pro 12.0 Dapper Pescador Pro 12.0 Grasshopper

    Pescador Pro 120

    The Perception Pescador Pro 120, brand-new for the 2016 season, is a specialized, versatile, and high-value fishing kayak sprung from the venerable Perception design lab—the same one that, decades ago, introduced plastic ‘yaks to the market...
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  • Old town Predator MX Kayak

    Old Town Predator Kayak MX

    Old Town Predator MX If you like fishing all types of water, this is the kayak for you. Like its name might suggest, the Old Town Predator MX is designed for multiple uses. This mixed water kayak can take on all your favorite spots, no matter where or...
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  • Pescador Pro 100 - Color Salsa  Pescador Pro 100 - Color Moss Camo

    Pescador Pro 100

    Perception Pescador Pro 100 Perception’s Pescador Pro kayak is an all-new edition of the original, tried-and-true Pescador model—an upgrade carried out with the needs of the modern ‘yak angler closely in mind. Hot off the assembly...
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