Sea Kayaking The Ultimate Guide DVD

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The Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking is a four-part video by World Champion Kayaker, Ken Whiting, and expert sea kayaker, Alex Matthews, which provides both new and experienced paddlers with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and comfortably enjoy sea kayaking. Unique to the sea kayaking world, The Ultimate Guide To Sea Kayaking combines top-notch instruction with unmatched cinematography and adventure travel. Award-winning cameraman, Chris Emerick, captures all the action from destination hotspots around Vancouver Island, the Olympic Peninsula, and Canadas renowned Algonquin Park. PART ONE introduces new paddlers to the sport through equipment tips and basic information you need before you hit the water. PART TWO focuses on the essential strokes and techniques. PART THREE looks exclusively at safety and rescue techniques. PART FOUR deals with more advanced paddling techniques, such as preparing for multi-day trips and dealing with surf, currents and weather. Length: 120 Minutes Includes: * Overview of all equipment * Basic use and transportation of the kayak * The Essential Skills * The Essential Strokes * Advanced Strokes * Rescue Techniques * The Kayak Roll * Surf Kayaking * Dealing with Wind and Weather * Managing Current and Tides * Kayak Tripping * Group Safety and Seamanship * Paddling Etiquette From the winners of: - Paddler Magazines 2002 and 2003 Best Instructional Awards - National Paddling Film Festivals 2003 and 2004 Best Instructional Awards March 18, 2005: The Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking, has just received top honors at the Waterwalker Film Festival as the best Safety video. Heliconia Press


(No reviews yet) Write a Review