Kayak Fishing Accessories

There are hundreds of different fishing accessories in this section, all of them are geared to make your kayak fishing experience a better one. They range from rod holders to fish finders. If you have any question please give us a call or send us a email. We have an expert fisherman ready to answer any questions you have. Happy Fishing!

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    Yak-Gear CLICKnGO Leash

    Secure your kayak or canoe to the top of your vehicle with this ClicknGo leash from Yak Gear. It's also great for tying up to the dock or hooking onto a buddy's vessel when paddling in pairs.
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  • Seals Deluxe Paddle Leash

    Seals Deluxe paddle Leash

    Protect yourself and your paddle by adding this deluixe paddle leash. It will clip to any deck rigging and keep your paddle near by. Great for paddling or fishing , can be use for a tetter for other items you care about. This paddle leash...
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  • Hobie Fishing Rod Leash

    Hobie Fishing Rod Leash

    Hobie Rod LeashNever have to worry about losing you fishing rods again,  by simply tethering them with a Hobie rod leash.  Design for quick release so you can handle those big fish just squeeze the quick snap connection and you rod is free....
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