Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump

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Product Overview

High Volume bilge a must for all paddler, If you have a sit in side or a sit on top kayak. This compact high volume bilge pump stow in any location and is ready use. Makes removing water easy and fast. This compact design is wrap in foam so you never have to worry about it sinking.

High volume bilge pumps are great to have to remove water from a normal day of paddling. order yours NOW!

At last a better mouse trap. More compact and powerful than conventional kayak pumps. Shorter length (16”) makes for less fatiguing strokes and innovative design pumps 30% more water per stroke. Empty your boat faster and with less wear and tear. Low profile exit port wont snag on deck rigging when needed in a hurry yet throws water well away from your boat. Full length foam sleeve provides horizontal top-of-the-water flotation and comfortable hand grip. Synthetic barrel and shaft mean no corrosion. The pump weve all been waiting for.
Color: Orange




(No reviews yet) Write a Review