Suspenz Racks

  • DLX Storage Straps

    DLX Storage Straps

    DLX Storage Straps Suspend your boat on protective padded straps. This system conforms to the watercraft to eliminate pressure points, thereby protecting from distortion and other damage...
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  • Airless SK Cart

    Stowable Kayak (SK) Airless Cart

    STOWABLE KAYAK (SK) AIRLESS CART Designed for lightweight composite kayaks, this small kayak carrier cart and frame allow it to be stowed conveniently inside the hatch. Attached cam buckle...
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  • Suspenz Big EZ Rack

    Suspenz Big EZ Rack

    Suspenz Big EZ Rack When size matters, the Big EZ is your rack.  Designed to hold larger personal watercraft. kayaks rests on a pads and is securely held in place with safety straps. It can be...
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  • suspenzwall

    Suspenz Wall Mount Rack

    Easy loading and unloading using intelligent patented pivot arms. One set of wall-mount racks will hold one kayak up to 34" wide (beam), 23" deep and up to 100 lbs. Kayaks are stored on their side...
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