• Malone Airflow Roof Rack

    Malone Airflow Roof Rack System

    Aluminum Aero Profile Cross Rail System Developed as the keystone of our cross rail product line, the AirFlow is delivered complete and ready to install. These sleek aero style rails feature...
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  • Malone Clipper cart Malone Clipper cart

    Malone Clipper cart

    The Malone Clipper™ is the perfect solution when ease of operation and a high load capacity is required. With its ability to safely transport up to 200 pounds (90 kg), this cart is ideal for...
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  • Malone Hood Loop Straps Hood Loop Straps

    Malone Hood Loop Straps

    Malone Hood Loop Straps The Hood Loop Straps are designed to be installed using any existing bolt on the fender well, or, quarter-panel. Simply unbolt any fastener; pass it through the grommet on...
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  • Malone QuickLash Malone QuickLash

    Malone QuickLash

    Malone QuickLash  The MPG308 T-Style Hood Loops are designed to work under the hood, or with the deepest rear hatches. Eliminates the need for finding vehicle frame tie-down points. Polyester...
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  • Malone Sling-Three Kayak Storage Hanger

    Malone Sling-Three

    Need more room? The SlingThree can store a total of 3 kayaks efficiently. The 1200 LB heavy duty webbing makes it strong and durable. The quick release buckles make taking a kayak out of storage...
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  • Malone Sling-Two Kayak Storage

    Malone Sling-Two

    Being the most popular sling style rack, the SlingTwo is perfect for all kayak storage needs. Designed to store two kayaks, it can be installed in any space. It features 1.5" wide straps and quick...
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  • MALONE Sling Lock

    MALONE SlingLock

    Protect your purchases with our all new Sling Lock cable locks this is a easy and cost affected way to keep your kayak safe. The sling lock by malone is easy to use light weight and effective.These...
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  • Malone Sling-One Kayak Hanger

    Malone SlingOne

    Perfect for single kayaks, the SlingOne's stregnth and durability can hold any kayak safely and easily. The SlingOne has all of the features of most multi-boat sling racks such as heavy duty webbing...
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  • MALONE SpeedLine MALONE SpeedLine in use

    MALONE SpeedLine

    MALONE SpeedLine Tie-downs are a basic safety requirement for all long watersport transports. The SpeedLine is our newest and lowest price ratchet system which provides excellent stability for your...
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