• Dry Cases

    Aquapac Medium Electronic Case

    Aquapac 658 Dry CaseThis handy case is great for kayaking or water enthusiasts who are on the go. From recreational kayakers to white water kayakers , this medium aquapac is a must have. The 658 case...
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  • dry bags

    Aquapac keymaster Dry Case

    Aquapac keymaster Dry caseKayakers from white to touring  will love using this Small case for protecting your electronic keys with remotes wherever you paddle. It will carry cash, credit cards,...
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  • Submersible headphone

    Aquapac Waterproof Headphones

    Aquapac waterproof headphones are supplied with 3 sizes of  earbud to fit different ear canal sizes. Designed to work with most electronic cases.  but will work just as well with any iPod,...
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