Anchor Floats with Bungee Leash

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Kayak anchor floats and a 3 Foot Floating Bungee Leash with 2 EVA Foam anchor floats to easily see where your anchor is.

 There alot to know about anchoring a kayak when you are fishing. Its very important to use some Bungee Leash to  helps  absorb some of the shock of tugging. A kayak need to move slightly to be sable when anchoring in chop on the water and the wind.
 The anchor floats from yak gear  will allow you  to  easily releases so you can catch that Fish of a Lifetime and" Sleigh" behind it. After you have landed the fish, just look for the anchor floats to re-hook up your anchor in your new secret fishing spot.
If you fish freshwater or the bay or ocean this very simple tool the anchor floats will help you fish and keep you safe.
With the two carabineers your anchor floats will connect and disconnect quickly to any anchor trolley system or just to your kayak.


Anchor floats

    • Kayak Canoe Anchoring collection
    • Color: Orange
    • Material: Nylon / Eva Foam

2 Orange EVA foam anchor floats for high visibility

  • 36" Bungee leash
  • Aluminum carabineers to attach to your kayak / canoe and anchor rope
  • Made in United States


(No reviews yet) Write a Review