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Here at Paddlers Cove, we're always aiming to provide our customers with.the best deals on kayaks and kayak accessories that we can. Our Bargain Cove inventory includes our hottest discounts, including a consistent supply of excellent used kayaks for sale.You'll be amazed at the quality and condition of Paddlers Cove used .kayaks. We have secondhand, lightly worn, and like-new boats from the .leading brands--Hobie, Old Town, Ocean Kayak, and others--with price .tags sure to catch your eye! It's worth bookmarking this page and .returning on a consistent basis to find the latest offerings.Find a Used Kayak for Sale at Paddlers Cove.The Bargain Cove warehouse nearly always includes quite a variety of used 'yaks, from fishing models to touring crafts. They look much the same as the brand-new kayaks we have on our main sales floor--except they're offered at prices as low as 50% off!

  • Used Mad River Explorer 16 Used Mad River Explorer 16

    Used Mad River Explorer 16

    Used Mad River Explorer 16 in excellent condition with minor scratches. Pick Up Only. $1500 or best offer. The classic canoe made of Triple-Tough three-layer polyethylene plastic. This durable series is equally at home on the river as it is on...
    MSRP: $2,449.95
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