Tandem Kayaks

Whether you're searching for the perfect on-the-water activity for the family or just want to bring a friend along on your next paddling adventure, tandem kayaks fit the bill! Also known called a double kayak or twin kayak, these two-seaters allow you to enjoy spending time with others on the water -- and if you've had enough togetherness and need some alone time, you can use the extra seat to stow your gear, making a double kayak the perfect choice for those avid fisherpeople among us.

Here at Paddlers Cove, we carry a range of 2 person kayaks for sale, with top brands like Old Town, Ocean Kayak, and Hobie Mirage Oasis. Tandem fishing kayak options, specially designed for anglers, include the Jackson Big Tuna Angler, Old Town Heron Twin Angler, Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL Anger, and more! Our staff is here to answer your questions about tandem kayaks -- after all, we're all paddlers ourselves -- and to help you choose the perfect double kayak for your needs!

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