Perception Pescador Pro 10 Package

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Product Overview

The Perception Pescador Pro 10.0 kayak Package. Includes Harmony Sea Passage Aluminum shaft paddle

The sit-on-top design offers generous storage and accessory mount options that make it easy to outfit the boat for all-day excursions. The removable and adjustable camp chair is the most comfortable seat found on any fishing kayak. The shorter length and lighter weight increase maneuverability and ease transport, allowing you to fish quiet waters beyond the reach of other boaters.

Paddle size 235

The Harmony Sea Passage Paddle offers moderate-sized asymmetrical blades that work well in everything from placid lakes to rough seas. It is suitable for both high and low angle paddling styles and is available with either a 0 degree or 60 degree offset. The Sea Passage is one of Harmony Gear's most popular touring paddles and for good reason.

• Works well for high or low angle paddling
• Popular touring paddles
• Moderate-size asymmetrical blades suitable for placid or rough waters
• Available in 0 degree and 60 degree offset, choose from the drop down menu
Item #: 9703
Shaft Type: Aluminum
Shaft Size: Standard
Shaft Color: Black
Blade Color: White
Blade Shape: Asymetrical
Blade Material: Fiberglass/Polypropylene
Weight: 32 oz / 907.18 g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review