Old Town Predator XL MK

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Old Town Predator XL MK

The Old Town Predator XL MK includes all the innovative new features found in the XL series of kayaks but it adds a big plus—the onboard power console by Minn-Kota. This console includes the 45 lb thrust power navigation system controlled by a foot operated pedal. It's completely hands-free giving you more freedom to cast, rig bait and reel while you stalk fish in all kinds of different water.

The Minn-Kota power console in the Old Town Predator XL MK provides more than enough power, and control for any kind of fishing. Cruise the intricate structure along the river banks where largemouth bass spend most of their day. Fish the deep holes for lunker salmon, all in the same day, with the same console.

Fish longer, and be more productive. Explore more open water, and more shorelines. You won't have to worry about sore arms and back. The power console gives you the thrust you need without tiresome paddling, or excess noise. You can target exactly the structure you want to fish, while remaining stealthy. That's a big advantage when tracking fish today.

The console fits right in the front section of the boat, and it has an extremely low-profile. So, it leaves plenty of room for storage. You enjoy the mobility you've always wanted and required, plus the functional options you need to fish every nook and cranny properly.

The boat still offers handy dual-tackle box holders on either side of the seat, for quicker, easier access to your lures, line, baits, and other tackle. You'll never miss a fish because you can't reach your tackle in the front of the boat again. The bow hatch still provides enough storage for extra gear as well. So you don't have to sacrifice space for power and performance.

Plus, you can always customize your kayak with additional options like electronics, GPS, and trolling rod holders using the smartly placed, sturdy mounting plates. That means you can outfit your boat with everything you need to find, and target any type of species in your lake, river, or bay. With all these options and innovations at your fingertips, the Predator XL MK kayak gives you the best possible advantage and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

It is the power console you have been waiting for. Designed to deliver more thrust to give you the power you need, and give you more control. Position yourself for the perfect cast with ease, and without taking a hand off your rod, so you're ready when you get in position.

You also won't have to sacrifice options, storage, or durability either. It's all engineered into this new and totally improved kayak, after thoughtful consideration of all the details by Old Town.


13'4" long

600lb cap

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review