Old Town Heron 9

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39.00 LBS
$99.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

The old town heron 9 is your perfect lower priced kayak, this recreational kayak has all the same performance as the Heron 9 XT series but at a lower price . Old town remove some of the feature on the heron 9 kayak to drop the price,  but it was important to them to offer a great paddling kayak at a lower price. All of the kayak accessory features like padded seat back and knee pads can be add at anytime.

At 9'-6" this recreational kayak is a fit for small to med paddlers beginner to intermedate .

Max load range 225-300 lbs.

Optimum paddler weight 100lbs to 175lbs. - for more information on a proper fit click here

Roomy cockpit 19"x39.5"

This is one of the lighter recreational kayaks at 39 lbs, make it easy to load on your car or carry to your favorite paddling spot.

Padded foot peg for extra comfort, great for paddling with your water shoes off .They will adjust to any paddlers  with a slight touch of the hand.

Built in cup holder will hold your favorite drink.

Easy grip kayak handle on the bow and stern.

Compare the Old town heron 9 to the Old town heron 9 XT Click here

 Types of water this recreational kayak is a fit for - lazy river, lakes and reservoirs.

Added kayak accessories you may like.

Kayak deck rigging kit to hold your gear

Deck mount paddle clip to secure your paddle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review