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Kayak Accessories

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    electric inflation pump

    Bravo BP12 Electric Inflation Pump

    Turn dial pressure selector Stops automatically when selected pressure is reached Custom carry bag Common valve adapters 102" (8'6") cable w/alligator clips to connect to 12 volt battery 72" (6') inflation hose Maximum Pressure: 14.5 PSI/1...

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  • TIZIP Gleitpaste 8g

    Gleitpaste 8g

    Gleitpaste 8g For all models with TIZIP zippersDo you find your waterproof TIZIP zipper to be a little stubborn? No problem! With this lubricant, you can make your zipper a lot easier to operate. DETAILS: + 1 tube of lubricant for TIZIP zippers

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  • Harmony Bilge Pump Clip Kit

    Harmony Bilge Pump Clip Kit

    The Harmony Bilge Pump Clip Kit is perfect for anyone looking to keep their pumps in a reachable distance. The installation hardware is included. All parts are durable, strong, and don't corrode in any conditions.    

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  • Harmony Blade Aid Paddle Float

    Harmony Blade Aid Paddle Float

    A rescue aid that should be aboard every touring kayak and every paddler should have practical knowledge of how to use a float. Our Blade Aid is constructed of our finest 200-denier urethane nylon, which - unlike many - is virtually impervious to harsh...

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  • Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump

    Harmony High Volume Bilge Pump

    Harmony High Volume bilge pump a must for all paddler, If you have a sit in side or a sit on top kayak. This compact high volume bilge pump stow in any location and is ready use. Makes removing water easy and fast. This compact design is wrap in foam so...

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  • Harmony Rec Bag Medium (Vinyl)

    Harmony Rec Bag Medium (Vinyl)

    Fits many moderate sized recreational kayak sterns the triangular bag measures27" wide x 35" long inflated and fits kayaks with a moderate taper. Color: Silver Weight (oz): 18Length x Width (in): 35 x 27 Weight (g): 511Length x Width (cm): 89 x...

    $40.99 $30.75
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  • Harmony Rec Bag Small (Vinyl)

    Harmony Rec Bag Small (Vinyl)

    Info   Our best seller, this triangular almost equilateral Xtreme Vinyl bag works well for the bow and stern of many small recreational kayaks. Also for the sterns of Eskimo and Prijon whitewater kayaks made without center pillars...

    $35.99 $27.00
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  • Harmony Sleek Dual Cell Paddle Float Harmony Sleek Dual Cell Paddle Float

    Harmony Sleek Dual Cell Paddle Float

    For those paddlers who want the added insurance of two independent inflation cells, this is the ticket. Pleated cells reduce tendency of float to roll while deployed and inflate individually for maximum reliability should one cell be damaged. Junction...

    $66.99 $50.25
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  • Harmony Kayak Bilge Sponge

    Harmony Super Sponge

    Harmony Kayak Bilge Sponge  synthetic sponge with cellulose cover absorbs up to a liter of water, is resistant to mildew and is machine washable. This sponge is durable, compact and features a handy tie-in tether sewn to the corner.

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