Hobie Adjustable H-Bar PA

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Product Overview

Built with the dodecagon extrusion, the adjustable H-Bar will integrate with all H-Rail accesories for easy customization. The H-Bar adds to your fishing experience whether you are standing or using it as a mounting platform. It folds up when you need it, and is easily folds away when you don't. The aluminum extrusion is strong and lightweight for leaning against or holding on to while entering/exiting the boat. It also allows for one to easily pull themselves up from a seated postion or comfortably lower themselves back down. The adjustable H-Bar is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of kayaks. This accessory opens up the horizon to a wide range of H-Rail accessories, such as the H-Rail Tackle Bin, or the H-Rail Cup Holder.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review