FeelFree Lure 13.5

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Product Overview

The Feelfree Lure 13.5 is the longer, bigger-water member of the company’s Lure family, which also includes the Lure 10 and the Lure 11.5. With the same 36-inch beam as those crafts and its lengthier hull—plus a no-messing-around capacity of 500 pounds—the Lure 13.5 is an angling ‘yak more than up for the rigors of long-distance paddling and serious fish-tussling on large lakes and the open ocean.

Whether you’re heading out on the local impoundment for a half-day or planning a multiday excursion into fishy backcountry, the polyethylene-forged Lure 13.5 has the volume, the response, and the grit for the job.

Roomy as Can Be

By lengthening the Lure foundation and maintaining that generous 36-inch width, Feelfree had a bigger deck to play around with in the Lure 13.5's design process. The extra elbow room means a fantastic new feature: the multi-use console in the ‘yak’s bow. The console boasts an insulated insert and lid, which means you can store bait, fish, and beverages and keep them nice and cold for the long haul. Not only that, but the console lid doubles as a cutting board for processing your bait or cleaning your catch. Furthermore, the console space can also be used to install a child seat in the Lure 13.5, in case you want a little passenger along for some memory-minting on-the-water fun.

An Unbeatable Fishing Platform

Its larger size means the Feelfree Lure 13.5 amplifies the series’ already-standout stability: The kayak's a cool-and-steady fishing platform even in those big old ocean rollers. You’re sure to be taking advantage of that broad deck and the reinforced standing platform for some upright casting. The company rightly compares the feel of that foam-padded platform under your feet to that of a standup paddle board. Feelfree also offers an optional stand-assist bar for even more support when you're up on your two feet.

And when you’re not , you’ll be happily reposing in the Lure 13.5's ridiculously comfortable—and remarkably versatile—Gravity Seat. There’s not another ‘yak seat quite like this one, particularly given how fine-tuned you can make it in the vertical dimension. It’s a simple maneuver to ratchet the Gravity Seat up to whatever level you desire—upwards of 10 inches above the gunwales, a high-throne setting supported (again) by the Lure’s topnotch stability. The elevated positions are great for scanning the surface or squaring off with a fish; plus, pulling yourself upright with the prerigged standup leash is all the easier from on-high seating.

But the Gravity Seat can also be dropped flush with the deck so that you have a low-profile position for extended paddling or dealing with super-rough waters. (The seat’s lowered by pulling on the strap in the front.)

Other Features

The electronics-friendly Lure 13.5 includes a removable sonar pod and a transducer recess and port. Rigging-wise, it boasts both front and back Uni Track rails (which some other manufacturers, including YakAttack, are now offering compatible tracks for) that allow you great flexibility in mounting accessories without taking a drill to your vessel. The boat comes with a pair of flush-mounted rod holders behind the seat and a recessed stern tankwell with bungees to which the optional Feelfree cooler can be attached. And speaking of add-ons, your Lure 13.5’s stern is all set and ready for a Feelfree Smart Track Rudder if you so desire.

With the molded-in handles and Feelfree’s famous “wheel in the keel,” meantime, it’s just about painless as can be to move the Lure 13.5 around.

Specs & Colors

As the name suggest, the Feelfree Lure 13.5 spans 13 feet 5 inches—two feet longer than the next-largest Lure ‘yak—and, as we stated above, is the same 36 inches across the gunwales as the 10 and 11.5 boats. It clocks in at 95 pounds and comes in the complete spectrum of Lure camouflage hues: Lime Camo, Desert Camo, Sun Camo, Blue Camo, Pink Camo, Winter Camo, and Orange Camo.

If you’re an angler who likes to make the weekend fishing trip an all-out adventure, the big Feelfree Lure 13.5 definitely has what it takes. Its extended length allows it to cut a straight course across long fetches of open water, while that three-foot beam ensures major stability even in an unruly chop. The multi-use bow console, rock-solid standing platform, alterable Gravity Seat, plentiful rigging spots, and other cutting-edge elements offer reliable on-the-water service during long hours or multiple days on the hunt for big-water quarry. What's not to like?


Length: 13 ft 6 in / 4.11 m
Width: 36 in / 91.44 cm
Capacity: 500 lb / 226.8 kg
# of Paddlers: 1 - Single/Solo
Type of Kayak: Sit on Top
Hatches Incl: 2
Material: Polyethylene

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