FeelFree Lure 11.5

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Product Overview

The Feelfree Lure 11.5 offers one of the most exciting fishing ‘yaks on the market, no question about it. In addition to trademark Feelfree features, this ultra-modern boat has some exciting design elements sure to have you raring to get out on the water with it.

Unveiled in 2014, this is a sit-on-top that’s ready for basically any sort of waterway—river, lake, bay, ocean—and thus a vast variety of fish. With its 36-inch beam and its tri-hull design, this is one heck of a stable boat. That stability even in choppy waves makes the reinforced foam-padded standing platform, which gives you the option of casting from an upright position, all the more appealing. Having the ability to fling a line or battle a fish both sitting down or standing up—whatever the situation calls for—is one of the Feelfree Lure 11.5’s great advantages.

The Gravity Seat

When you do need to haul yourself off your rear, you’ll appreciate the ‘yak’s stand-assist leash. The leash also comes in handy when you’re adjusting, on-the-fly, another of the Feelfree Lure 11.5’s awesome attributes: the removable Gravity Seat. The seat can be easily ratcheted up to numerous heights, the higher positions—up to 10 inches—made doable by that broad, rock-solid beam. Notably, you can drop the Gravity Seat to a position flush with the gunwales, an ideal configuration when you need to cover some water between fishing grounds. You’re able to lower the Gravity Seat by pulling up on the strap in front while bracing yourself with the standup leash.

The Lure 11.5 boasts the standard Feelfree molded-in front and side handles as well as the patented “wheel in the keel,” which makes loading, unloading, and transport of the ‘yak ridiculously easy and efficient. There’s an additional strap handle in the stern to accommodate the installation of the Feelfree Smart Track Rudder, an add-on that wasn't an option for the Lure 10. The rudder gives the Lure 11.5 all the more muscle when you’re contending with hard wind, chop, or currents.

New Feature: The Removable Sonar & Electronic Pod

In 2015, Feelfree ramped up the Lure 11.5’s fish-finding capabilities further by releasing a model-compatible version of the company’s Removable Sonar and Electronic Pod, previously restricted to the kayak’s bigger counterpart, the Lure 13.5. The console’s easily installed without drilling into the boat.

Other Features

The boat’s completely set up for other angling-oriented storage, mounting, and accessorizing. Besides the trademark flush-mounted oval hinge hatch with its three-cam lock, the 11.5 has a trio of similarly flush rod holders as well as recessed rod-tip holders in the bow. The stern also comes equipped with flush-mounted rod holders with safety leashes for snugly lashing down your rods while paddling. There’s a center console for storing tackle and other equipment (and holding a beverage), and a generous stern tank well. There are rails in both the front and back for outfitting the kayak with Feelfree’s Uni-Track plates and the Uni-Bar, both simple to install and slide to any position using locking cams. The Uni-Track and Uni-Bar systems give you the ability to securely mount all kinds of fishing gear to the kayak without taking a drill to it; the Uni-Bar comes equipped with lure hangers and a 15-inch ruler. And there’s a molded-in paddle park for stowing your paddle while you bait up, cast, or kick back for a leisurely drifting break.

Another add-on worth mentioning is the Feelfree Stand Assist Bar, usable in both the Lure and Moken kayak series. Anchored into the Uni-Track rails, this sturdy brace gives you extra support while you’re standing up in the ‘yak and wrangling a heavyweight or high-energy fish on the line.

Specs & Colors

The Lure 11.5 is 11 feet 6 inches in length and weighs in at 74 pounds. Feelfree currently offers it in six different camouflage-patterned colors: Winter Camo, Lime Camo, Sun Camo, Blue Camo, Pink Camo, and Orange Camo.

The Freelfree Lure 11.5’s tri-hull design means you’ve got a kayak that tracks quite impressively for its width: This ‘yak serves you well on the commute to a choice fishing spot, then gives you a strong and steady platform from which to cast for and haul in fish. And, again, it’s a versatile platform to an almost unparalleled degree, given that adjustable Gravity Seat and that robust standing platform. In short, this is one of the highest-performing fishing ‘yaks on the market, tough enough for big water and worthy of any angler’s consideration.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review