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Eddyline Falcon S18

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Product Description

Like the performance of the Night Hawk 16 but need a bit more cockpit room or more gear storage? The Falcon S18 will give you that and a substantially higher top speed for those mile eating cruises or the expedition you have always been wanting to take on. The sleek lines and super efficient swede form hull design make her popular among racers or anyone who has an appetite for get up and go performance. Experienced paddlers will find the initial stability comfortable and the secondary awesome. The novice looking for a boat to grow into should give the Falcon a test paddle for sure.

Carbonlite 2000 brings the technology of plastic kayaks to an entirely new level of performance. Eddyline pioneered this technology and Carbonlite 2000 is an Eddyline exclusive. Our material looks and performs like fiberglass with clear advantages over other plastics: dimensional stability and increased stiffness, higher heat distortion temperatures, hard glossy "non fuzzing" finishes with excellent abrasion and impact resistance, easy repairability, superior UV resistance and lighter weights. Carbonlite 2000 is extremely tough, but it is also easily repaired in the event of an accident. It has endured the test of time in the hands of many paddlers, liveries and tour operators and is highly suitable for nearly all kayak applications.

Eddyline Rudder / Skeg
Rudders have been used for years to compensate for inadequacies in the all weather hull performance, particularly in windy and rough sea conditions (and unfortunately to cover up a poor design effort). Beginners often like rudders because they feel they have control of the kayak more quickly, even though this is really an illusion. Rudders come with a price however. They add windage, increase wetted surface and add wave and eddy making drag. When used to "steer" or correct for wind or unbalanced loads, the drag is significantly greater. While Eddyline has used rudders on our single kayaks in the past (double kayaks will always need rudder assistance), we are now able to create hulls that are so well balanced in buoyancy and windage that rudder control is no longer necessary. We dub these hulls "Rudder Free Designs".

Now comes the skeg. This is a very different animal than a rudder. Mechanically simpler, a skeg is a tracking device, not a steering device. It can be used to correct for any unbalance in loading and allows for the creation of a "variable" performance hull. This allows the designer to create a balanced hull that has more inherent maneuverability with the skeg retracted and still have great tracking with the skeg down. Skegs add a slight bit of wetted surface when used, but no windage or other correctional drags associated with rudders. Subtle adjustments of the skeg allow the paddler to eliminate the need for correctional strokes in variable weather and wave conditions, thereby focusing energy on getting to the destination. You will notice that we do not offer skegs on kayaks under 16 feet in length. This is because these boats are so easy to control in all conditions and a skeg does nothing to increase performance.

Comfort & Safety
Maximum buoyancy is provided in both ends of the kayak by a sealed bulkhead fore and aft of the cockpit. (the Sandpiper has foam pillars that provide floatation). Access is provided through special hatches specific to each kayak design and the bulkheads are vented to prevent pressure buildup from changing temperatures. These compartments are vitally important, making reentry into the kayak possible in the event of a capsize.

Eddyline also provides reentry bungies on the rear deck of all singles (except the Sandpiper). These cords work in conjunction with our Backfloat or any other paddle float device to stabilize the kayak while you get back in. The optional Backfloat however, has a dual purpose. It also functions as a backrest cushion which can enhance low back support and general comfort. Since it is mounted in the cockpit and already partially inflated, it is faster and easier to deploy than a common paddle float and always available.

The 2 point lines on the stern deck will hold a spare breakdown paddle. Bow deck lines can hold your chart or hand pump. (all kayaks except the Sandpiper). There are perimeter lines on the deck of all singles 16 ft. and longer. The compass recess on some models is located to allow easy reading of a tactical compass and still allow for a chart on the foredeck.

Comfort in the kayak is important to your paddling pleasure. While no single cockpit design will satisfy everyone, Eddyline seats and backrests are designed with maximum adjustability for a custom fit. The backrest is hinged at the connection to the seat to allow it to be folded forward for ease of loading and to allow you to adjust its position forward or back to suit your preferred paddling position. The backrest has three height positions to suit your need. The backrest and seat sides are padded with nylon covered foam for additional comfort and support. An optional padded back band is available upon request. Additional padding is available from your dealer to completely customize your fit.

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